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Thursday, 22 February


Scientists confirm: This extract blocks the FTO gene (Fat Mass and Obesity Associated Gene)

A discovery made by Indian scientists helps you get rid of obesity in 40 days! Naturally and without the yo-yo effect. Pepper essence is enough to replace fat rolls and cellulite with a carved and slim physique.

Do you also like imagining how perfect you look in a tight, short dress? With any bulges or shame. Do you feel surreptitious looks from men and your friends’ envious eyes? It does not make you ashamed anymore. You know they are looking at you because your body looks alluring. You are proud of your flat stomach and slender legs. You willingly wear skimpy swimsuits on the beach...

Has anyone told you that these dreams still may come true? It is easier than you think! In 4 weeks you will be among the 17% of women with a perfect body. Just trust the power of nature.

Piperine under scrutiny

Black pepper is much more than just a spice. Its outer layer – piperine – is more and more often defined as a strong fat burner. piperyna The extract increases gastric acid secretion (stomach, pancreatic and intestine) and blocks the activity of genes that are responsible for fat formation. Piperine boosts metabolism naturally and stimulates your body to burn the maximum amount of calories. The slimming power of piperine has already been appreciated by weight loss clinics throughout the world.

Piperine is a natural way to lose weight. Therefore, you will get your dream body without any effort or draconian diets. Additional physical activity may improve your physique, but it is not necessary to lose weight.

Science explains the effectiveness of piperine

Scientists from Seoul have proved that piperine speeds up metabolic chain reaction. They emphasise that their discovery is a real revolution in weight loss.

Sprinkling pepper frequently on your meals is not enough to get a slim body. Fortunately, supplements come to your rescue. A lot of piperine supplements have appeared on the English market, yet, only those with high piperine content are most effective. The largest amount of this ingredient has been observed in Piperine Forte – as much as 95%see the ranking of products containing piperine!

Natural power of Piperine Forte

Losing weight rapidly and drastically is unhealthy, and lost pounds come back quickly. Therefore, an increasing number of British women trust Piperine Forte. This supplement is a chance for those who have been struggling with obesity for a long time. International weight loss clinics predict that with piperine they will have cured up to 9000 people by the end of the year.

"Piperine efficiently eliminates the problem of uncontrolled snacking and suppresses your appetite for hydrocarbons. While trying to lose weight your main enemies are sweets and fattening snacks – yet, many of my patients proudly say, that after taking Piperine Forte they feel no urge for having anything sweet. This is a huge breakthrough for all those struggling to lose weight! The extraordinary effectiveness of Piperine Forte is also caused by its progressive activity. Body fat burns at a slightly lower pace, but safely and for good.'"

Jennie Fox clinical nutritionist, Birmingham

A slim figure without sacrifice

Piperine helps you lose weight faster than a diet and exercises. Indian scientists carried out an experiment among 1200 obese women. They were divided into three groups:
1) Workout in the gym
2) Dukan Diet
3) Piperine Forte treatment

Each group was to use only one method for 90 days. After 3 months the women were weighed again. Here are the results obtained in particular groups:

The women using Piperine Forte lost an average of 39 lb. Their skin elasticity increased by 60%, and their physical condition improved by 140%. After completion of the studies, no woman recorded the yo-yo effect. The experiment proved that you can get a slim and firm body even if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

BEWARE of ineffective substitutes!

Supplements of unknown origin can be dangerous for your health.
In England the original supplement tested by scientists can only be purchased via the manufacturer’s website
Click here to purchase without risk >>>

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  • lucy9wrote:


    I’ve tried different supplements and I confirm that piperine can work miracles :-) It helped me lose 35lb in 2 months and I have this weight till today. Cheers

  • marni_1987wrote:


    I first learned about piperine when I was abroad. My cousin used it to lose weight before her wedding and I remember that piperine supplements were a daily thing – if someone wanted to lose a few pounds before an important event, they bought piperine, if someone wanted to get rid of long-term obesity – they also turned to piperine. It’s cool that it’s finally getting popular also in England ;)

  • limonwrote:


    I’ve just regained hope for my dream body :D

  • blazewrote:


    a perfect solution for my girlfriend, but how to subtly suggest it not to offend her? Ehhh

  • justine16wrote:


    I’d never used any supplements supporting weight loss, but I read a little something about this piperine and I must admit I’m impressed with the results I saw on the internet!!

  • tamarawrote:


    has anyone tried to find these pills in pharmacies??

  • eve_80wrote:


    tamara: they wrote clearly that in England you can buy them only via the internet.

  • yvonneeewrote:


    TRUE. I’ve been using piperine forte for 3 weeks and have already lost 11 lb ;) I didn’t expect it would be so easy :D

  • paul_ekwrote:


    is it also for guys? I’d be happy to come back to my abs from my youth, and my wife would also be happy!

  • roxanneZwrote:


    I’ll put it like this: for many years I’ve been testing different slimming supplements and none of them gave so impressive results like piperine. The difference is really enormous – while with other supplements the yo-yo effect always occurred, with piperine I lost 13 lb after a month and what? I feel great and there’s no yo-yo! That speaks for itself.

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